Vivium supports employees with burnout and other stress-related disorders


Stress-related disorders such as burnout are becoming more and more common in our society. 1 in 7 working people in Belgium either have burnout symptoms or are at risk of burnout.

When this leaves employees unable to work, Vivium offers professional guidance by independent experts. They assess whether a counselling programme can be useful to support your well-being and your return to work. Individual support is important, particularly in case of psychosocial problems or stress-related conditions such as burnout.

Vivium offers this type of counselling free of charge as part of the incapacity for work cover included in your Vivium group insurance.

More details are provided below.

How can you recognise burnout in yourself?

Which factors cause stress?

Which situations can be stress triggers?

Which individual characteristics can trigger stress?

What are the symptoms and consequences on a psychological and physical level, and how does it affect your performance at work?

What burnout levels are there?

Which factors relieve stress?



Are you experiencing too much stress?


If burnout or stress has left you unable to work, get free professional guidance through Vivium

​​​​​​​If you are experiencing too much stress and have consequently ended up in a situation where it is no longer possible to go to work, it is important to keep that period of stress as short as possible and to rebalance your energy levels. Studies have shown that employees on sick leave with burnout have an 80% chance of a successful restart if they get back to work within three months. Those who return after six months see their chances of a successful restart fall to 45%. Only 20% of employees who stayed at home for a full year manage to return to work successfully.

Use the free professional guidance offered to you by Vivium without obligation. We have partnered up with independent experts specialising in counselling programmes for people with stress symptoms.

So how does such a counselling programme work in practice? Take a look at our step-by-step plan.

What are the advantages of professional guidance?

Purpose of the service

Professional guidance of employees who are absent due to illness helps them to improve their well-being and supports and guides them in resuming their work. For stress-related complaints such as burnout or psychosocial issues in particular, additional support by an independent expert can have a positive impact on the recovery process and resumption of work.

To this end, Vivium has joined forces with various independent external partners who specialise in such counselling.

No additional charge

This additional service is part of Vivium's 'Incapacity for Work' group insurance cover.

There are no associated costs for either the employee or the employer. Vivium will cover these costs.

Required consent

The employee decides whether to undergo counselling for themself and may also stop whenever they want. The employee must give their explicit consent for Vivium to share their contact details with the independent counsellor.

The data consists solely of their name, (mobile) phone number and possibly their email address in order to enable contact to take place.

The employee gives this consent in writing along with the report of their incapacity for work by marking the appropriate option on the second page of the declaration form.

You can download the declaration form here.

Network of experts


The external partners have access to an extensive network of authorised, professional experts. This network extends across the country, ensuring we can offer the individual access to local, professional service.



The employer will not be informed that the employee is receiving external counselling.

If the expert deems it useful to involve the employer, confidential adviser and/or company doctor after all, the employee in question must first give their explicit consent.

Confidentiality and professional secrecy

The external partners operate in complete independence. They guarantee strict confidentiality and respect for professional secrecy. No medical information will ever be shared with Vivium without the individual's explicit consent.

Professional guidance works

Vivium has partnered up with Pulso and Workplace Options, two independent employee well-being experts. Their specialised staff have a lot of experience in supporting employees. A personalised counselling programme is always their main focus. The track record of employee well-being solutions provider Workplace Options shows that their approach works.


Start today

Are you currently at work?

  • Do the stress test in time
  • Read our tips for staying in balance and our suggestions for reducing negative influences.
  • Help yourself in this way to stay mentally healthy at work.
  • In this way reduce the risk of a vicious circle of stress, anxiety and depression.

Are you currently incapacitated for work due to a stress-related illness?

  • As soon as you know that you will be incapacitated for work for longer than 30 days, you must immediately report your incapacity for work to Vivium via the declaration form.
  • Indicate on the declaration form that you want to be contacted for more information on the counselling offer.
  • The expert will assess whether a counselling programme can be useful for you.
  • Your participation is free of charge and on a purely voluntary basis.

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